We are about Respect. Focus. Leadership. Fitness. Balance. Confidence. Strength. Determination. Coordination. Patience. Self-Discipline.

We pride ourselves on being a community based, family friendly karate school that delivers quality instruction at an affordable price. We are the LEADER in low cost, high quality instruction, and have never required long term commitments!

Karate Classes

Fairport Karate Academy offers Karate classes for brand new students, youth, family and adult students. Our Isshin-Ryu style classes focus on learning traditional karate with an emphasis on personal security, fitness, mental and physical well-being and stress reduction.

Class Pricing:
  • Ages 4- 6 (1 class per week) : $49 per month
  • Ages 7 and up (1 class per week): $54 per month
  • Ages 7 and up (2 classes per week): $94 per month

Interested? Check out our class schedule or give us a call.

No Contracts

There are absolutely no financial contracts to sign and no registration fees to pay. At Fairport Karate Academy you simply sign up on a month-to-month basis. While others may tell you this "lacks commitment", do not be trapped into paying when your child no longer wishes to attend.

Skills for life

Karate improves kids’ focus, balance, coordination and much more! Adults enjoy it too as it reduces stress, increases fitness, and it's FUN!


Learn the art of drawing the Japanese sword. Iaido is a quiet, peaceful, contemplative Japanese martial art that consists of properly drawing, cutting and returning the sword to the scabbard in a precise, controlled, fluid motion. Training consists primarily of solo kata (forms), and incorporates an emphasis on etiquette for the respectful handling of the sword. Iaido is practiced as a solo exercise and is a non-combative martial art intended to cultivate a practitioner's spirit as well as physical and mental concentration. No prior martial art experience is required!

Sunday Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga with Dr. Louis Papa...$5.00 classes! Stretch your horizons and realize a healthier new you this year. A non-competitive class where everyone works to improve at their own level. Very reasonable drop-in and monthly rates. Prior training is not necessary – beginners are welcome. Come with bare feet, comfortable clothing, and water. No mats necessary but bring one if you wish.